the journey to a new world.

Once again when i was satisfied with my school life.
It has to go to a sudden halt.
This has happened twice now.
Finally found my clique && slowly gaining a good reputation.
&& now once again i find myself going off to a new foreign land.
“Rhode Island” is what they call this new land.
I think im starting to despise the word “MOVING”.
It always shows up in the worst possible moment in my life.
It popped out when i was enjoying the peak of my teenage life back at the Philippines.
Next thing i knew i was stuck in a middle of a dessert called “Las Vegas”.
I truly hated my first months in this God forsaken dessert.
Only the internet had saved me from the brink of insanity.
Slowly i forgot how to smile my true smile and everything that related to the word “Happy”.
I became totally detached from my old blissful life.
As time passed i found myself in this little 8th period class.
Where i found myself again and my true smile.
That class is what kept me motivated to go to school.
And i found friends there which i never thought could happen.
They were never the ideal friends.
They weren’t  rich,popular,attractive nor smart.
They were just normal regular people with diverse backgrounds and imperfect morals.
And that didn’t bother me one bit.
I even envy them.
They live in the present and enjoy it.
Wherein i lived the present just to make sure everything will be fine in the future.
I enjoyed every moment with them.
Before i knew it i was making friends on my own.
Even developing a crush on this one boy.
but now the word “Moving”.
has popped out once again.
Now im forced to once again to leave another good thing in my life.
But one thing i know is that i will have my happy ending and no ones stopping.
And technically this just means im recording my experiences all in this blog ^^
“When The World Seems To Be Against You All You Need To Do Is Fight Back”
– Anonymous

the journey to a new world.

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