alright quick update on my poetry career.

just last week during our schools advisory Ms. Thoma (our very hot,cool && total kickass english teacher) did an OPEN MIC overĀ  @ her room. And yeah daammn! the whole classroom was packed! there were about more than 30 students there. Anyway during our lil arts community school tradition the “OPEN MIC” is where any student can come out and perform basically anything.But usually its our school poets who perform just cause HOPE POETS KICK ASS=]. And for the first time of my very quiet life i performed a POEM. yes you read it a poem. and let me tell you i was about to drop dead from all my nervous-ness. But i still got up and it was pretty exhilarating. Oh and for a noob i actually did pretty well according to some people. okay i lied. They said i did great for a noob but hey not gonna let that get to me cause i still need to improve :]. anyway all in all it was an awesome experience and hopefully ill be able to continue this poetry career even just for a lil more.

PS. Sarah kay is totally an awesome person too! and tim was just pure delicious eye candy :>

Sarah Kay.
04.08.2009, 12:07
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awesomest person ever in the world.
she is a poetry slam genius!
and i get to see her every monday

since she holds a small poetry class wohoo.
btw shes a Brown Student which just amps her cool. like KABOOOM SWISH!
and yes the video you are watching or atleast listening to she did perform it for us
(and if you arent LISTEN TO IT DAMN IT)

Anywayy she is friends with my english teacher Megan thoma.
she too is a “slamer” she will be representing providence in San Fran
sometime later wohoo! shes awesome.


1. Jodi Piccoult
(NY bestselling author)

2. Sarah Kay
(Poetry Slam Genius)