Quotes that involve Phil K
05.22.2009, 2:34
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“apparently phill k likes to escalte things”

“yes i had sex with phill k”

“he touched my back”

“he touched my shoulder”

“Well he was all over me rubbing himself like a dead fish so ha!”

“he sexy cause hes my baby daddy”

Quote’s From Kickass Poets


  1. “Fun Fact: Last halloween me and Phil K dressed up as pokemon, He was ash and i was pikachu” (Sarah kay)
  2. “Thats what we call FUCKING BRILLIANT” (Jason M)
  3. “The motherfucker poem is not done yet” (Thoma)

Quotes From Teachers.
04.06.2009, 4:43
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Back to biology 😀

“Anne is the epitome of cool, leave her alone”
– Ms. Toro

“Twitter is stupid”
-Ms. Thoma

“I love korean pop stars, No actually I dont”
-Mr. Francis 😀