nooooooooooooooooo! DX

sarah! SARAH! SARAAAHHH! is gone!! GONE!! my world has come crashing down….. nah not really but im gonna miss our lil poetry class. but hey then again summer is almost here and everybody would go our own seperate ways ANYWAY i got her email! HA! be jealous (if you even know her o.o) soo anyway we spent our last class going out to thayer st. and getting some pizza over at antonio’s talked about phil K aka her platonic soulmate and her life and other random stuff, future plans and blah.Β  and now i have to go to lunch (and yes i wrote this in class US History to be exact teehee <33)


alright quick update on my poetry career.

just last week during our schools advisory Ms. Thoma (our very hot,cool && total kickass english teacher) did an OPEN MIC overΒ  @ her room. And yeah daammn! the whole classroom was packed! there were about more than 30 students there. Anyway during our lil arts community school tradition the “OPEN MIC” is where any student can come out and perform basically anything.But usually its our school poets who perform just cause HOPE POETS KICK ASS=]. And for the first time of my very quiet life i performed a POEM. yes you read it a poem. and let me tell you i was about to drop dead from all my nervous-ness. But i still got up and it was pretty exhilarating. Oh and for a noob i actually did pretty well according to some people. okay i lied. They said i did great for a noob but hey not gonna let that get to me cause i still need to improve :]. anyway all in all it was an awesome experience and hopefully ill be able to continue this poetry career even just for a lil more.

PS. Sarah kay is totally an awesome person too! and tim was just pure delicious eye candy :>



First of all you gotta see it!
you must see it!

And to all your racist folk out there.
F you go watch this movie.

The acting is excellent
The Plot is original
&& the production itself is a master piece.

BTW. JAMAL gets easy on the eyes too πŸ˜‰

you gotta get it.
the dvd is out in stores now πŸ™‚

technically the plot is basically about a beggar who grew up like 3rd world country poor
and became a millionaire because of a game show. yeah i know sounds boring.
but the way he knew the answers was the best part. thats what you gotta watch out for

We Are The Superlative Conspiracy!


i just gotta declare my love for the people behind this.
Their GENIUS! :D’

i loveeee and i mean lovveee <333333
their headphones. they are just ART.
i myself own one
anyway i discovered them at my lovely convient urban outfitters shoppe

they were about $50 which may seem like alot but believe me
defintely worth it. Fashionable and Shuts the outside world.

they have one new fangirl

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Okay, Okay
First of all
SORRY SORRY, is the bomb. Ive been dancing to that like a tard for the past 24 hours. yeah i admit it i have finally become a true superjunior ELF XD

Just when i finally thought they have been fired, i mean on break they comeback with a KABOOM + WOW + SMASH + DANG = πŸ™‚
Now i have to say sorry sorry for hating on them.
and yes i un-gay-ified them

The Sheek :)
03.11.2009, 1:31
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Trench Coats People!

Yes, Every RISD student has one
and yes RISD people are like the fashionistas of RI
Cause they are RISD. enough said

Top it off with a hat,sunglasses,scarf or something
let your inner designer out πŸ™‚