Blogging In Class
03.11.2009, 1:23
Filed under: Blogs In Class

Yes Yes
I am in class, I was going to blog in class yesterday too
at US History but the moment i signed in it was time to pack up
BOO! But now im blogging in biology
why? Cause im bored and im bored 😀
yes yes im done with my work no worries
im just so pro like that you know man
anyway yeah
Jobo my uncles dog is in my apartment
cause i dog-napped him teehee ❤
just kidding. He went out to texas and asked me to dog sit

Im currently jamming to:
Micheal Buble’s Save the last dance for me.
love his voice its just so hypnotizing.
and i am also foruming in the 2oneday. intl forums
i have the foruming bug once again
after tvxqforever closed which just broke my foruming heart last year </3 i am up and typing once again.Time does heal all wounds haha.

Btw if you think this blog would be full of informational stuff?
it would be in between the spazzing 😀
beware i spazz like 24/7 just cause im a teenager


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