So Here I Am.
01.25.2009, 9:46
Filed under: Day In A Life
Finally now
I start blogging about rhode island haha.
so here i am little rhode island state. which by the way is totally Quent love it.
i arrived yesterday. the plane ride was uhm never wracking not because of terbulance no not at all
i slept through all that like a baby the only thing that was coming in my mind at the time was a certain someones
reaction to me leaving and that horrible text i made ugh. well it worked out in the end so its all good
I ate at this cuban resto for dinner with some of my fathers friends.
it was called the cuban revolution. well known, not to shabby place
if im not mistaken i think that was the first cuban resto ive been too
i had a steak sandwich yes i know very cuban huh? (if you didnt get that that was sarcasm)
then for the rest of the night i spent texting and playing guitar hero
then watched 27 dresses. boring? oh you have no idea
the only thing that was keeping me alive was the scenery and of course my textmate
who made everything a-okay haha.
i saw my future home and it was cute nice
small but cozy i could get used to it
ive been through all that hussle and bussle of the big city
its time for me to experience the home grown paradise of rhode island.
hopefully i get some friends who i can enjoy it with. fingers crossed.
&& classical here i come!

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