01.23.2009, 7:33
Filed under: AMOR, quotes
“Haha u sure know how 2 make people smile ^-^”
Just those words coming from you make my heart flutter.
You have no idea how much you could move my heart.
Why do the best things always never last?
Why must you do this to me and my fragile heart.
The heart that has yet to recover
The heart that has yet to be accepted
The heart that has yet to meet with another
Though I don’t regret meeting you.
The words that we shared tonight were beautiful
The conversation just when on and on
It lasted for about a few hours
Just sharing our thoughts with one another
Looking Forward to what you had to say
Even maybe just maybe looking at the same cloud too
I wonder if we would be able to talk like we did the next time we meet
Will you still be the same?
would you have someone else?
Would i turn from friend to acquaintance ?
Or will i just turn into a memory?
I really do honestly hope that i would be able to meet you again
Even if i you don’t remember me at all
I’ll be happy to start from scratch once again
Just to have another conversation like this once again
Some say to make a lasting expression you have to do something really incredible
I say all i need is a conversation.
Surprisingly enough I’ve always wondered
What type of conversation would i want to share with my lover
Now i know
If only you were the one
If only
But no doubt you have made a lasting impression on me
I hoped it would last a lil bit longer
But i cant be greedy now can i
Even though the end was as sweet as it was earlier
Though it was just a simple
“Goodnite Anne :)”

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